Lanier Sammons

Field near Stonehenge

Keep an eye out for new projects this year including a collaboration with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and Hospice, a new short film edit of Enid Baxter Ryce's Land for War with music and mix by Lanier, a score for Ed Carapezza's latest film, and new pieces for A/B Duo, the Youth Orchestra of Salinas (YOSAL), and the Nebula Ensemble.  Also watch for new releases from Giacomo Fiore and Larry Polansky with Lanier's mixes and some producing, a new Bitter Party release including some engineering, guitar, and mastering by Lanier, and a forthcoming EP featuring recordings from Lanier's Graphic Scores project last summer at the Museum of Art and History.


Post-Haste Reed Duo's debut album, Beneath a Canopy of Angels…a River of Stars, is available now on Aerocade Music.  Lanier produced and mixed the album, and his piece, Some thoughts about time, is included.


Soyeon Kim's Hansel + Gretel and Noir, both of which Lanier scored and mixed, continue to screen around the US and internationally.  Details for screenings are available on the director's website.  You can also see them both on Vimeo right now (Hansel + Gretel here and Noir here).  Hansel + Gretel was just announced as the winner of Santa Cruz Film Festival's Best Animated Work award!


Giacomo Fiore's album, iv: american electric guitars, is available now.  Lanier's delighted to have served as producer on the project.  Keep an eye out for a few new projects from Giacomo that Lanier's involved with.

Past news and events:


April 20 - 22

Lanier served as the Lead Music Programmer for the Monterey Bay FIlm Festival to Youth (MAFFY).  Thanks to Palenke Arts, YOSAL, CSUMB's own Sharp Nine, and Sadza for their performances!


March 18

Land for War, Enid Baxter Ryce's beautiful documentary about Ford Ord, premiered at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. as part of the Environmental Film Festival.  Lanier scored and mixed the film.


Fall 2016

Students in Lanier's Mixing and Editing course at CSUMB recorded Jake Nielsen's Triple Threat and McCoy Tyler along with The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men for the National Music Sanctuary. You can start checking those songs, up individually on YouTube, here and here.


June 28th - July 25th

Lanier spent four weeks working in the Solari Gallery at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History as an Art Works Artist-in-Residence.  While there, museum visitors stopped by to make music with Lanier in a range of projects.   Head to the MAH Art Works Residency section of this site to read about the projects and hear the results.


June 9

Lanier premiered Reception Piece, an audience-interactive work for solo instrument and live electronics, at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History's Art Works Exhibition Members Reception. Lanier will be returning in a few weeks as an Art Works Artist-in-Residence.


Feb. 26

Post-Haste Reed Duo's Beneath a Canopy of Angels...a River of Stars is available now from Aerocade Music.  Follow the link to listen and purchase.


Feb. 21

Hansel + Gretel, directed by Soyeon Kim, won a really special award from the Providence Children's Film Festival.  The Hasbro Inc. Special Hospital Jury Award is voted on by hospitalized kids, and they chose Soyeon's film as their favorite.  What a humbling honor!


Jan. 31

Soyeon Kim's Noir received a Best of Fest award from the Children's Film Festival Seattle.


Jan. 30

Lanier joined Post-Haste Reed Duo in Portland for a concert celebrating the impending release of their debut album.


Dec. 11

The Monarch Film Festival nominated both Noir and Hansel + Gretel in its Best Short category.


June 27

Soyeon Kim's Hansel + Gretel, featuring Lanier's scoring and mixing work, received its international premiere at the Melbourne International Animation Festival.


May 21-23

Co-related Space was installed as part of the Bearing Witness exhibit at the San Francisco International Art Festival at Fort Mason in San Francisco from May 21 - 23. 

April 30

On April 30th, The Graphic Score Game, written for Juraj Kojs and Jason Calloway's Cellotronic Games project, received its second performance by Juraj and Kevin Davis at the Firehouse in NYC. 


April 10 and April 18

Lanier was thrilled to be part of the guitar sextet performing James Tenney's Water on the mountain...Fire in heaven in Tangents Guitar Series's presentations of the complete Tenney works for guitar at April in Santa Cruz at UC Santa Cruz and at the Center for New Music in San Francisco.


March 22

Wayla Chambo shared Lanier's flute and electronics work, Aubade, at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.


February 7 and January 25

Soyeon Kim's Hansel + Gretel, which Lanier scored and mixed, screened at Children's Film Festival Seattle on January 25th and February 7th.  The film can be seen on Vimeo.  


January 29

Lanier's latest collaboration with Soyeon Kim, entitled Noir, premiered as an installation at CSUMB. 


October 19

Co-related Space was featured at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History's GLOW event.  Many thanks to everybody who played with the piece.  


October 11

Wayla Chambo performed Aubade in a Guest Artist Recital at UNC-Chapel Hill.


September 6

Juraj Kojs and Jason Calloway premiered Lanier's The Graphic Score Game at the Bakehouse Art Complex.  Lanier was selected to compose the piece as part of the duo's Cellotronic Games project.


June 6-7

Co-related Space, Lanier's collaboration with Wes Modes and Brent Townshend, premiered as part of the LAST Festival at Zero1 in San Jose.  

Mar. 28 - Apr. 6, 2014

Wayla Chambo debuted Aubade, based on her poem of the same title, at East Carolina University, CSUMB, and CNMAT at Berkeley.  

Mar. 8, 2014

Three Winters for flute choir was performed eloquently by students at the University of Puget Sound as part of the SCI Region VIII conference.

Dec. 6, 2013

The wonderful Friction Quartet premiered Lanier's Shift/Unshift at CSUMB and did a remarkable job reading his composition students' pieces, too.

Oct. 5, 2013

D.C. Home was performed at the NACUSA 2013 Festival at Louisiana Tech at 1:30 PM (Central) on October 5th.  Many thanks to Joe L. Alexander for organizing the festival and to Gregory Lyons and his students for a terrific performance.

Summer 2013

Lanier served as a Participatory Performing Artist-in-Residence at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.  His piece, Triplum, was premiered as part of the Museum's Santa Cruz Music Festival.  You can read a couple blog posts by Lanier about the piece here and here.

Lanier's also delighted to have received Third Prize in the National Association of Composers, USA 2012 Young Composers Competition for his piece D.C. Home.  You can listen to Talujon's terrific performance of the piece here.


Mar. 19, 2013

The San Francisco presentation by Dana Jessen, Michael Straus, Kyle Bruckmann, and Giacomo Fiore of Lanier's audience-interactive music at the shiny, new Center for New Music was a great success.  Stay tuned for video from the event.


Mar. 1, 2013

Giacomo Fiore performed Lanier's Pollical Variations as part of Old First Concerts


Jan. 29, 2013

Post-Haste Reed Duo premiered Lanier's Some thoughts about time at the Harn Museum of Art in Gainesville, FL as part of the 2013 Jubilus Festival.  Lanier gave a pre-concert introduction to the piece via Skype. 


Post-Haste have shared video of their premiere of Some thoughts about time on YouTube.  Head here to watch and listen.


Dec. 5, 2012

Dana Jessen, Michael Straus, Kyle Bruckmann, Giacomo Fiore and a wonderful audience performed the complete set of Lanier's dissertation pieces at California State University Monterey Bay in the Music Hall.  Lanier would especially like to thank the Music and Performing Arts Department and the Jefferson Scholars Foundation for their support for the event.  Audio and video of the concert will be available soon.


Oct. 1 - 11, 2012

"Bing," a 60-second piece composed by Lanier for SoundProof's 15 Minutes of Fame concert series, was performed in Ohio and Illinois.  Details are here.


Sept. 5, 2012

Lanier was one of 132 composers who contributed variations on Satie's Vexations for the Generous Ensemble's Cage Centennial Celebration at Central Connecticut State University.  Video of the full concert is available on the ensemble's site.


July 18, 2012

Lanier is delighted to have received Honorable Mention in the RenegadeEnsemble's Composer in Residence competition for their 2012-2014 seasons.  Congratulation to the winner, Randy Bauer.


June 14 - 17, 2012

Lanier gave a presentation entitled "Any Old Place I Hang My Hat": Locating Home in the Music and Life of Jimmie Rodgers as part of the IASPM-CA 2012 Conference at Acadia University.


April 27, 2012

Lanier succesfully defended his dissertation, Audience Interactivity and the Concert Hall Audience.  Lanier was officially awarded his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in May.  Enquiries regarding the dissertation can be directed here.


Feb. 9 - 11, 2012

Lullaby for Newborn Stars was performed by David Wetzel  as part of SEAMUS 2012 at Lawrence University, and the performance was accompanied by a poster presentation entitled  Lullaby for Newborn Stars: Sonifying Astronomical Data wtih RTcmix.  Lanier was also named a Finalist in the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Commission Competition.


Nov. 2, 2011

Lullaby for Newborn Stars was performed at the National Student Electronic Music Event (N SEME) hosted by the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University.  Nicole Papadatos' performance can be seen and heard here.