Lanier Sammons

Field near Stonehenge


For scores, recordings, or performance materials for any of the pieces listed below, please contact the composer.



Bump for alto and tenor sax (arr. for alto sax and bassoon)   Spring 2015
Noir score for animated short film (dir. Soyeon Kim)   Winter 2015
Hansel + Gretel score for animated short film (dir. Soyeon Kim)   Fall 2014

The Graphic Score Game for open instrumentation (written for Jason Calloway and Juraj Kojs's Cellotronic Games Project)

  Summer 2014

Co-related Space interactive installation for LIDAR, lasers, and 4-channel audio (with Wes Modes and Brent Townshend)


Spring 2014


•  Aubade for flute and triggered fixed-media electronics (written for and incorporating the poetry of Wayla Chambo)
  Winter 2014
•  Shift/Unshift for string quartet   Winter 2014
•  Triplum for seven performers, electronics, and interactive objects in three rooms   Sumer 2013
   Some thoughts about time for saxophone, bassoon, and triggered fixed-media electronics

Winter 2013

   Vexicalis for any four instruments
  Fall 2012
   Bing for trumpet, violin, viola, and fixed-media electronics   Fall 2012
   Wind Down (60x60) for fixed-media electronics   Summer 2012

   Pollical Variations for classical guitar and audience


Spring 2012

   11 Measurements for audience-interactive electronics


Spring 2012

   Contact for ensemble and audience


Spring 2012

   Loose Can(n)on for four or more pitched instruments


Winter 2012

   Synch for fixed-media electronics


Winter 2012

   Your Move for large ensemble and audience


Fall 2011

   Points for audience and conductors


Fall 2011

   Lullaby for Newborn Stars for clarinet and fixed-media electronics


Spring 2011

   The Oak and the Reed for classical guitar and interactive electronics


Spring 2008 – Winter 2011

   “_” (or Underscore) for ensemble and audience


Fall 2010

   Marbles for interactive electronics triggered by dancers and laptop

(choreography by Anna Banerjea and Steven Ward)


Spring 2010

   D.C. Home for percussion quartet (written for Talujon Percussion Quartet)


Winter 2009 – 2010

   Cookie priming for speaker-implanted teddy bear, cookies, and audience-triggered interactive electronics


Fall 2009

   Each Alone for stereo playback


Fall 2009

   Quickchange for oboe, violin, viola, cello, and piano; arranged and revised for chamber orchestra


Summer 2009

arr. and rev. Fall 2010

   Step in, step out for audience-triggered interactive electronics


Spring 2009

   Mine for any ensemble


Spring 2009

   Wind Down for stereo playback


Spring 2009

   Three Winters for flute choir or flute trio (commissioned by Wayla Chambo for the Youth Orchestra of Charlotesville-Albemarle Flute Choir); arranged for clarinet ensemble or clarinet trio


Winter 2009

arr. Winter 2011

   “Please come back where you belong” for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, viola, double bass, percussion, and piano (written for Relâche)


Fall – Winter 2008

rev. Spring 2009

   Tag for four or more performers


Fall 2008

   Unity Groove for networked, audience laptops (created as part of the Emergence Collective)


Spring 2008

   Panta Rhei interactive installation in light and sound (original version created with Andrew Hamm, Jen Siomacco, Wendy Stober, and Peter Traub; revised version created with Peter Traub)


Spring 2008

rev. Summer – Fall 2008

   “A good beginning never ends” for children’s glockenspiel


Spring 2008

   “She shall have music wherever she goes” for small, attachable sound-making objects and public transit


Spring 2008

   Each for flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and stereo playback with optional live, quadraphonic diffusion; arrangement for clarinet, tenor sax, bassoon, electric guitar, and percussion (written for Da Capo Chamber Players; arr. for UVA New Music Ensemble.)


Fall – Winter 2007

rev. Winter – Spring 2008

 arr. Spring 2009

   Temporal Study for Bassoon for solo bassoon


Fall 2007

   Directions (for quartet) for any four instruments


Spring 2007

   Nephila for solo cello


Fall 2006

   “And you remember the jingles used to go” for clarinet, piano, violin, viola, and cello with optional audience-interactive electronics and video (written for counter)induction)


Fall 2005

   2/3 Full for chamber orchestra


Fall 2005

   “Shot right through with a bolt of blue” for solo triangle


Summer 2005

   “I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me to see me looking back at you” for bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and piano (written for counter)induction)


Spring 2005

   Welcome for audience-interactive electronics, MIDI keyboard, and video


Spring 2005

   Intro music for Columbia University Moy Yee Martial Arts Website (used 2004-2007)


Fall 2004

   Match for video


Fall 2004

   “Best to wear your sweater” for clarinet/bass clarinet, viola, cello, conductor, and audience


Fall 2004

   “Better play the note you know” for any number of instruments and optional audience participation


Spring 2004

   Theme to “Ethics and Experts” for two classical guitars (commissioned to accompany the opening credits of industrial film for law students)


Fall 2003

   Score to “Ugly Duckling”s for classical guitar (commissioned to accompany documentary)


Spring 2002